Friday, October 24, 2008

All is over..

haha..all tests were finished..ronggeng2 dulu baru nk stdy for final..masa presentation micro p,seriously horrible..provoc n syco 2-2 last, kene re-demo project calculator..huhu..last wednesday, smue cam da ok..calculator pon da ley display and function..xtau nape mase present aritu,smue xbley..mayb ade hikmah behind of all these,..kene demo blk on 5th nov..6th da exam..haha..hope smue ok nant..tonyte nk g umh house..yeay lepak ag..ngan titans..smlm my housemates da sambut my bufday..haha..awal 2 hari..because of ramai yg nk blk mase 25th..n citer plg sedey..smlm 12 o'clock sharp, my exbf wish me bufday..agak sdey sbb dye wish on 24th padahal my bufday on 25th..sdey kan2?tp at least he remember me..ntah..just miss him..but,he really did not appreciate ape yg da ade dpn mate..pape pon,hope my lyfe will be happier than before..tomoro,i'll be 21 years old..mcm cpt je mase blalu..thanx to my housemates for the celebrate last nyte..i really appreciate it..

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