Thursday, October 2, 2008's raya

ello everybody..sorry for not being here for a long being buzy with my projects n all house at s.alam did not have any access to quite difficult to online..have go to cc or my faculty to get wifi..n i've made the decision to online only at jb ..except, i do really need it for my assignments..i think,i should ask my housemates to install streamyx there..but it quite expensive for the 1st month la..

actually,cannot have fun too much during this raya hols..i've 2 tests next week and 2 projects to present which is none of that have completed..haha..1st project is control system..i have to explore more about robot arm the robot move,and what is inside the robot that can make it move..2nd project,i've to build my own calculator..n yet,nothing appears in my to present it??hope so that after dis hols,i can manage my time to complete all the tasks..anyone that know how to help me,plzz do contact me..

however,raya still raya..not easy to focus my study during hols,especially in jb..thank god i do not have final exam right after hols like buddy..sorry budsy..u have to work hard..huhu..
and i think im become quite tembam for eating n eating those kueh raya n laksa johor..hehe..thanx mum for made it for us..

btw,to all my friends n sesape je..HAPPY EID MUBARAK!!MAAF ZAHIR N BATIN..

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