Sunday, November 30, 2008


House renovation... =)

Friday, November 28, 2008


im really happy today..
got good n bad news..

bad-my mom and adek dah kne demam chikungunya,after my dad n youngest brother.
good-my parents blanje tinted my car..fuh..lawa..(even xlepas jpj n sgt pnt menunggu about 2 hours)

dun worry.. i'll take picture of my car tomorrow and upload it here asap so that u can comment it..

what else,just love to see the new look of my car..sgt suke...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

flirting with disaster..

please try to understand that life isn't about looks,accomplishments, and material possessions..those things have their place, but the main purposes of life are serving others and being all we are capable of being..having a positive self image is important if we want to lead a fulfilling average looking man or woman with a solid self image lifts others up and makes life a more positive experience for themselves and others..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sangat2 malu..

haha..seriously funny..
n i dont' know how to cover it..bak kate buddy,"xyah cover dah.."
si jahat tu memang..xpe2..i try to make you laugh actually..haha..
for what u've gone through,hope u will tough n strong enough to face it..don't worry buddy..we'll always here for u..

my house is like tongkang pecah..phew..renovate sbnanye nk kemas..hehe..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

what should i do??

huhu..since dah dok kat umh ni,lyke dont know what to do..xde keje lgsg..ingt nk keje my parents seriously not allowed us to work..katenye nk kne blk kg raye bosan blk baling kedah..i really have no idea. why is the place is damn hot like im in the of course la neraka lagi panas kan..hee..jd angel jap..

td pg my parents gadoh ag..pening2..da xtau nk wat camne..what should i do??emm..xkn nk serang pomp tu??i just cant imagine what will happen to them next..rase cam boring dok umh xkn nk blk s.alam..tyme cuti spatotnye dok ngan klo dah camni,sape pon xthn..hmm..xpela..juz not being such a busybody person..dok umh dyam2..wat la pape yg patot..of course i'll online 24/7..huhu,..sape2 yg rase boring tu,just buzz me..of course i'll hit u back..

last wednesday,i've going back to my college..really miss my school time..a few years ago,cam rase kecik sgt kat situ,but now,fuh..dah bsr sgt..n surprisingly,all my juniors said that "kak illi sgt kurus.."haha..sgt lah berbangga..hehe..jgn jles lah titans..

to my beloved friends halimatun taha n norafiqah rifhan ramlan..
ill always luv u forever..hee..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

what happened??

Ryte now im lying on my supposedly on my desk at this for this Thursday paper ..QMT which is statistic..boring sgt kot..byk nk kne hafal like xde mood nk blaja and plus suddenly tadi, 12 sumting am my mom xcaye..slalu tyme2 camtu, she might be on her bed, siap2 nk tdo or else,dah start dreaming, i just thinking that this must be an important my mom mcm biase je..she just asking normal question.. about my exam last Thursday, my preparation for exam, duet ckop or x, batok dah baek, n mcm2 soalan biase yg dye slalu tanye..n bile cam dah nk ltak, tbe2 dye kuarkan one statement..

Mummy : i have story to tell u..

(see..da dpt agak msti ade sumting..if x, my mom xkan call tgh2 mlm bute camni..but she said that she would tell me once i’ve finished my exam..mcm da dpt agak pe yg dye nk citer sbnanye..)
Me : illi rase mcm da tau je..

Mummy : pe yg illi tau?

Me : pasal ayah ek??hmm..

She like so surprise that i can read her mind..

Mummy : mcm mane illi tau?

Me : i’ve the feeling..

Actually, mase blk raye aritu, da prasan sgt prangai ayh laen..bile ckp fon je, msti nk kuar umh..b4 dis xpnh lak smue mcm diam je la..wat xtau..rupenye, ayah ade mcm contact pompuan laen..tu sbnanye pe yg my mom nk mom tau bile nenek tibe2 dtg umh, n tanye adek..mane ayah?ayh pg2 ag da kuar..rupenye, nenek jmpe kete sbijik cam kete ayh kat pasar dahlia n just nmpk no plat 800..hruf dpn nenek sgt confident tu kete ayah..dye nmpk sblh driver tu ade pomp duduk..tros nenek bg tau my cam my mom defend ayh dpn nenek..mayb tu org laen kot..mmg 800 same,tp huruf dpn tu laen..pastu nenek pon cam dyam je la..

At the same tyme,my mom cam rase sumting wrong..dye snyap2 tgok hp ayah mlm2..n ade 1 no minah mom tros call n mmg btol ayh ngah bkawan ngan dye..that woman umur 26(same umur ngan my eldest bro)..jande..damn..dorg knl sbb ayh slalu maen golf kat RJCC n she is a waitress there..can’t u imagine?dahla beza ngan my dad nk kikis sungguh duet my dad..serious shit trok gell minah xde lelaki laen dlm dunia..

Ana my youngest systa bg tau my mom,ade 1 tyme ayh amek dye from tusyen n tros bwk g XTRA(hypermarket) dad suruh ana jln2 kat dlm n bg tau ayh nk btolkan hp..bile da nk blk tu,ana nmpk ayah ltak plastic bag kasut pompuan kat boot blkg kete..u guess what??that shoe is for minah xsdar diri tu..1day ag,kat angsana ayh mintak ana bacekan color mascara..dye nk colour itam..utk minah tu jgak..(sigh..)

My mom cite ag,pe smue yg my mom msg minah tu,minah tu foward kat ayh..ade ke mom soh dye jgn kaco ag..n dye kate bile dye mintak putus ngan ayh, ayh xcaye..knl baru 4 months tp dah cm mom mmg soh ayh explain btol2..n ayh mengaku la buat smue tu..ayh cam dah menyesal, family comes first..dye mintak maaf sgt2 kat my mom..mcm2 hal..syan my mom..even dye xnanges mase dye cite tu, but i know deep down her heart,seriously saket sgt..i can feel the same thing..hati pompuan..bile org yg kite trust,betray kite,rase mcm da xley caye ag that person..hmm..

My mom cume ckp that she just want sumone to listen n support her..she really hope that pe yg dye cite smue ni,xeffect my studies..n i just say that,she can talk to me whenever she want and i can be a good listener..i know she really tough to go tru all dis things..yes..i really know her..even susah mcm ne pon,dye akn try hadapi..i just hope n pray,”ya ALLAH,berikanlah mak aku kekuatan n ketabahan hati..smoga keluarga ku dijauhkn dr sgala malapetaka..AMIN.”

I really love my family..hope smuenye akn bertambah baik dgn cpt..
Ok illi..u must work hard for ur exam..just focus..jgn pk bende laen ag..
Really need ‘him’ rite now..tyme2 byk prob,tnsion..nk luah kat dye..i miss all his advice..but i don’t think so he want to think about me anymore..=(
Ok..i must go to sleep ryte da lewat..esok kne blaja sungguh2..