Monday, January 26, 2009

which one??so confuse..

why must life is being soo complicated??..hmm..just thinking to find someone special in my life..but is there any?it is really hard to find one..firstly,the person that u really2 love n care is not exactly love u as much as u did..2nd ly even there is a person that really love u and willingly offered u to be his girlfriend but ,u denied him and always thinking that he really not suitable for u..and how about the person that not even know about ur feeling towards him, but u really love him deep down inside ur heart??sigh..and everytime i think about these kind that connected to other people's heart, my head start spinning as fast as the fan can.. doesnt it will be much easier if u know who is actually ur mr right??...and that will definitely cant make ur life disappointed when u met the wrong that moment, u should know that he is not yours..

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