Thursday, February 26, 2009

dataran cinta~

last nyte,after maghrib there was an incoming call from my systa yul..she force me to go to her booth at dataran cendekia uitm s.alam..there is a carnival organized by her faculty (faculty of business management) and the profit will goes to GAZA..thank goodness..still have people with kind hearted..after help nuhek sending her email,i quickly choose clothes to wear, simple and pretty..haha..i thought my housemates doesnt want to follow me coz we were very tired after came back from class, but bib and farah want to go out..release tension kata nye..bagus jgak..ade gak kawan..

smpai dc,i was shocked of seeing too many cars at civil's carpark..xpenah2 last we found 1place that really suitable for my car..hee..sape soh pak guard tu tutup jln,da la kne jalan if kene clamp kete,pandai2 la idup..nowadays, uitm really pack with cars..everytime ade class at 10.30 am,mesti xde parking..sampai kene block kete org laen..haih..tahun lepas xde lak case mesti da ramai sgt student yg kaya2..sigh~..

back to my story, searching for yul's booth, tetibe je dye muncul,..tau2 jek..tros dye tarik ktorang bwk g gerai dye..introducing me as her adek to her friends..haha..serious malu la plak..dye soh beli macam2..she ask me to buy dadih and hotdog yg dye buat..haha..da slalu sgt makan pe yg dye,we decided to move around and look at other's booth..tkejut gak tibe2 tjumpa KU..da lame xjmpe mamat tu..last tyme was at langkawi..he was the one yg jadik tourist guide ktorg mase tu..

seriously..sgt meriah ..dengan mcm2 performance..and surprisingly, aziah and izy which are yul's housemates will perform something like dancing..haha..aziah dance lagu saloma kot..malam pesta muda mudi..something like that la..haha..sgt sporting..i'll upload the pictures that i took for them that nyte after i take it from yul..

faculty dorang sgt unite..ade band from their fac yg perform that nyte and can u imagine, one whole dataran were singing that song beramai2..what song?cinta dalam hati by ungu..

i was really hard helping yul to sell her hotdog..dorg sgt impressed tgok adek yul yg hebat menjual ni..sangat laku ok..bak kate dorg muke market..haha ramai yg tertarik nk beli..piko call and told me that dye lapar and da start demam..i decided to buy hotdog for her and send it at seksyen seventeen..sweet kan illi??hee..=)

before balik, one of my sister's friend( i dont even know his name) was playing his guitar and sang this song for me..

"The smile on your face let's me know that you need me,There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me,The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall,You say it best when you say nothing at all"

haha..his eyes was staring at me..gile segan..before balik, beli gak dadih utk my housemates..agak laku la booth yul mlm tu sebab ade adek dye yg baek ni..hee..u should proud of me yul..

before blk umh,singgah at piko's house and dye sgt touching sebab dtg tgok n blikan dye food..on the way back to our house, singgah gak hotel uitm and ask the price for 1 nyte there..teringat kat shark yg xde tempat nk dok bile dye dtg nant..

last nyte mmg sgt meriah and thanx yull for invited us and finally release gak tension..

miss nurul maisara md isa..
happy birthday..
may u be blessed and may all ur dreams come true...
have a great bday ya?


NUke_Rude said...

yo! thanks for following my blOg.

Anonymous said...

uit..gediks gell,..melted ker ngan org yg main guitar tuh,..meh cnih aku tengok,.handsome sngt ker??
babe,..thanx gell 4 da last nyte,..serious touching,..demam dh kebah,just flue siket2,..adey2,..benci tol!=(