Sunday, February 8, 2009

lalala..feel happy..

last Friday, i woke up early at 8 o’clock class supposedly start at 10.30 am..i came early and start waiting since 10...with the class that full n quite noisy, i’m taking my usual place, 1st row in front of that class..haha.. sgt baek kan??until 11 am,she still not coming..omg,class is cancelled without any notice from her..haih..hari jumaat yg disia2kan..i have no class on that evening and guess what? i slept from 2 to 5..haha..mcm tido malam la plak..after bgon ptg tu,im thinking to go for an evening as usual la..ntah camne tgk mcm xsempat..

suddenly teringat kat my bestfriend pyko...lame xhang out with her..ask her to come out with me,tempat yg terdekat jusco bukit raja..after pick up her at seventeen that night,none of us stop talking..haha..msg2 dok claim citer.. smpai jusco, i really surprised..xde parking??that place yg mcm tu pon full of people..

after we look on the list, we decided to see ‘THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTONS’..i really enjoy watching that movie..mcm biase la,pyko asek2 dok puji brad pitt handsome..haha..i really admire the part when daisy met an accident in that story..the technic that they used is really unique..even the story is quite slow,i still love that movie..ade byk gak part2 yg touching..haha..2 and a half hours movie..fuhh..agk saket pinggang la kan dok lame2 dlm tu..but if u watch it, i bet,u will not move ur eyes from the screen even for a second..

about 2 am, we leave that place and sambung bergosip at hakim..pon ramai gak org..haih..piko mlm2 pon ley sumbat roti pisang..haha..mmg terbaek..about 3am baru smpai umh..before i sleep,i got a call from my friend n end that call at 9 lak,my housemates da kejot bangon to go to time square..nak shopping baju konon..tido 3 jam je??xpe,petang da tdo lame..

we went to comuter station by car and wait for the train..suddenly, there is announcement that the train will delay for to improve our public transport in malaysia??by the time the train arrived, the platform was full with people..what else,that train macam sardine la..haha..xbest btol..blom smpai time square da pnt berdiri..amazingly, ley lak terjumpa ngan classmates yg on the way to genting..actually, we were plan to go there with them..but because of 1 bad reason, i felt no mood anymore..hah..stop thinking about that..

continue with my journey to time square, i’ve found 1 shirt that have sweet sentence on it..

really sweet kan2??i just grab it..haha

Besides, tgh sebok dok teman dorg shopping, kak zira called and tell us that router rosak..haih..1 hal lak.. on our way back to s.alam, we still have to stand plus the coach sgt la bising..adeii..pening last smpai umh almost 8pm, we discover yg adapter je yg rosak..naseb ade wat project last sem and use the same adapter as well, so, gune je la..hee..kaki dah lengoh2 and saket kot..byk sgt jalan..actually i've got a good weekend to spend with my ladies..

buddy, ur rose da jadi bookmark..haha

cantek kan??

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