Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life has no limits..

Alhamdulillah..da baek demam!!but i still have no mood to talk..suara sengau..batuk pon still xbaek..and xde tande2 menunjukkan utk baek batok dlm jangka mase pendek ni..by the way, last week is really tough for me..starting on last tuesday i had a bad headache..all things that i saw were spinning and jumping..naseb xde class pagi on wednesday, after telan panadol ingat dah ok, but it become worst that night..i felt really scared because on saturday, i have to take the advanced electonic's test and yet i didn't do any revision on that..besides, i still have another test which is power system on tuesday..

on thursday night,i had a bad fever..seriously, i dont understand every single word that i read..i take my fon,call my mom and start to cry when i heard her voice..i really miss her..if she is here, of course she will do everything for me..i go to clinic with farah on friday morning..i work hard on last 2 days before my test..and i've just finished my power system test this evening..i dont know if i did well on both of them, but what did i knew is i've already tried my best and now, lets Doa and Tawakkal take place after all my effort..

my mom call to know how my test n health going on..she said that if i start got the cough, it will hard for me to recover..maybe about 1month..she really know me well..

i read newspaper on last sunday and discover that application for entering kktm is already open..my younger brother always told me that he want to continue study there..i try to call him but he didnt pick up my call..so,i just leave him a message..i really hope that he will achieve what he wants and i believe he can be an architect one day..

i've not use my lappy for more than a week..and after this, i'll being busy to prepare for my next test,business management on the 3rd and power machine on the 7th of march..haih..i hate that business subject..all about reading and memorizing facts..eiuu..maybe im born not to be interested with that..i always wonder how yul can carry on with her business transport course??..

sorry zully,i cant accompany you to that mak yong audition..hope u dapatla..hee..dgr cite mu kene kecek kelate..haha..boley ke??
buddy.. xsabar jugak nk kluar ngan u after test nant..
by the way akmal, aku still memartabatkan bahase melayu ok..cume ko je yg xtau..

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