Friday, February 13, 2009

puteri gunung ledang the musical FANTASTIC!!~

im very satisfied with the show last night..seriously..sgt2la hebat teater tu..their voices mmg mantap2..even props yg besar2 ley move ngan gagahnye..haha..the music pon sgt la fluent with the acting..that makes all audience impressed...mmg hebat..congratulation to all casts n crews..

thanx pyko for invited me..hee..ley blanje ag next tyme..ckp pasal pyko,syan last night tersepit kat lif..haha..that lif xde sensor...or else,dye sgt kecik smpai sensor xley sense her..haha..sorry babe..u have to eat more n more...btw,xyah la admire raja ahmad tu..xsesuai langsong ngan ko..haih..cari la yg matured sket..thanx gak sebab blanje makan..sdap2..hee..

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