Sunday, March 1, 2009

full stop!

smalam, after mand, i've got a missed call from ayah..tibe2 my mom call and i thought dorang berada di tempat yg x mom ckp ayah bg tau, "illi da lame xcall ayah..budak2 now ni mmg da xnk ckp ngan i" i remember, mase dmam aritu pon, xbg tau ayah pon..cume ckp inform my mom je..n afte baek pon, call mom gak..xingat langsung nk bg tau ayah..and thanx mom, she told ayah that mayb i dont have enough credit to call him..and then, ayah said that he want to give me topup..

a few minutes later, i've got message from him with the 16 digit number..i realize that after mom told me about ayah, few months ago, i prefer not talking to him..haih..guilty la plak..

before this, if i'll have a test, i did mention him first..result test..or now ni dah laen sgt..maybe pe yg dye wat effect sgt..but im not supposedly forget him ryte??

then, my phone bunyik ag..ayah is calling..angkat je la..he ask about my health, duet ckop x, psal topup yg dye message td..

rase bersalah sgt..bkn nk jaohkan,dpd nk saketkan ati so better diam kan??

ckp xsmpai 3 minutes pon..da rase such a bad daughter..try to make this crisis over..but how??

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:: Bu Boyz :: said...

I prefer dinner together gether...
ramai bez...
time ni paling sesuai berborak