Sunday, April 12, 2009

berehat sebentar

finally..finished all my test..time 4 me to rest..sekejap je la tp..for only 1 to 2 days..after that, have struggle for my final schedules for final exam :

21st april 2009 - power system
29th april 2009 - business management
2nd may 2009 - power machine
5th may 2009 - advanced electronic

after that ade industrial training lak..xblk umh my mom call ckp yul dah smpai umh..dye blk xajak..merajok btol..

dear pal,
may all ur wishes come true, blessed with happiness and great health always..
wish u have wonderful years ahead..


pal7 said...

thanx besday wish yeah..
hope ur wishes also will come true..

tq so much..hehe

iyllienaz said...

amin..bile bufday boy nk blanje??

pal7 said...

erk..patutnye illy la belanje kan besday pal..haha