Saturday, April 4, 2009

deep down in my heart..

ok..what will u do if someone that u care n love does not care about u anymore?just because of he cant accept what u are now and ask u to change for him..ya i know that is really good if u change dr yg buruk to baek kan..but if that is not come deeply from ur heart, how can it be??looks lyke hypocrete ryte??

haih..if he really2 love u, of course la he can accept all those of your kelebihan n kekurangan...if we can accept him 100% originality from him, why dont he cant??

p/s : appreciate n grateful for what we already have ryte now..sometimes pe yg kte nk tu xsemestinya dpt n xsemestinya better from now..we never know..nant bile dah xde dpn mate, mase tu baru nk menyesal..malangnye dah terlambat..


arsaili said...

salam..ya of course we hope people will accept our strength and weaknesses but it is good if we can change from bad to good. Unless they expect that we change from good to bad then we shldnt be bother. To do a good thing, there is no concept of waiting or hypocrete...just do it. Ehehehe just my 2 centss

Lee said...

hargai pe yg ade selagi ia ade..
n lebey hargai ia bile ia telah tade..
jrg3 yg mempraktikkannye..


pal7 said...

kita harus belajar menerima seadanya..xboleh ego2 tinggi sangat..hehe

:: Bu Boyz :: said...

I would be lost without her