Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1st day..

my 1st day practical..wake up early morning..7.30am da gerak from my house..by 8 da kene ade kat sana..kete pg2 xbyk mayb sbb student uitm cuti..around 7.50 da smpai..smpai je tros masuk ikut pintu blakang mcm workers laen kat situ masuk..wah2 aku mcm tau je selok belok building tu..padahal baru 1st tyme dtg..tros g information counter n ask that guy to whom should i report..so, he ask someone (a girl) to lead me to the 1st floor n wait there untill all students come..

a few minutes later, a small girl with a long hair enter the room n i know she is a part of students that will doing practical there..her name is Mazlin Zubir and she is PTPL's student..she is in couse finance..dye sgt ok la..org pahang..still ley masuk ngan ak..even she is 2 years older from me..

next is Mohd Firdaus Mohd Lutfi..he is same like me..from uitm, same course n same major but different part..he is in part 7 while im 6..even in same faculty but i've never saw him before..mayb penah tp xperasan kot..btw, dye ni org kelantan..tp ok je..ley ngam ngaan aku la..mayb dak class ak dulu rmai dak kelantan so dah biase sgt..

after wait for a while, one guy looks like his age thirty something, enter that room n introduce himself en reza..dye not bad la jugak..lebey kurang mcm supervisor keseluruhan ktorang..dye bwk ktorg melawat 1 building tu n ajar camne nk punch card smua..so, dye siapkan timetable utk ktorg..

ingt ramai sgt yg practical situ..rupe2 nye 3 org je..n that evening, en reza brought us to see big booss there..En Shararudin..byk gak yg dye advice n briefing..so, every week ktorg akan tukar department..1st week in planning department..blaja mcm mane nk plan project, care tapis n checklist project, smua tu la..mmg agak boring sbb dok dlm office..tp kene thn la..

overall, not bad la..hope all staff there will always help us..n really hope smuanya berjalan dgn lancar..Amin..


pal7 said...

seronok dia praktikal ek..kat ner tuh?..

iyllienaz said...

pal..kat s.alam la..bile nk dtg sni??