Tuesday, September 1, 2009

buka puasa and celebrate linlan's bufday..

on last saturday, piko told me to buka puasa together with a few of my friends..of course la my ex-schoolmates..titans..they decided to make it at mid valley since near to their place..i went to pick up raie at her house in bangi..

linlan, chem, n aposh were already there when we arrived around 6.45pm..they came earlier and booked reservation at pizza hut for our buka session..pyko and dydo came a little bit late bcoz of finding a cake for celebrating linlan's burfday..so, just take a look at all dis pics...

linlan with her boyfriend..happy 22nd burfday!!

burfday card for her..

rindu zaman bergambar ala2 skema..

btw, after celebrate linlan's bufday, i went to raie's house and overnight there..we have a long chat that night since we did not have chance to meet each other for about 1 year..

p/s : thanx pyko for inviting me and plan all this thinggy..
chem, aposh, linlan, dydo n raie thanx for sacrificing ur time for this gath..
also thanx a lot to raie for the souvenir..really cute!!

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rehaNn said...

baru bace..huhu
actually..i shud thanks u for coming all da way to bangi amek ak...
miss ya already...tk cre k~